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Thinking Outside the SOLE

Valentine's Day Luncheon

The Valentine luncheon is hosted on the 2nd Saturday of February and is held in downtown Lansing,Michigan at Christ Community Church.Full lunch is provided for our friends on the street along with clothing and haircuts. We feed on average of 100-150 people.


Chicken Soup for the Sole

The Christmas Eve Chicken Soup for the Sole is hosted on December 24th. Homemade chicken soup served along with holiday goodies. We also have winter clothing available to those in need. If you would like to be a part of this event just sign up on the volunteer page.


Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner started 3 years ago hosting Easter dinner in the park each year we host in a different location. Hams provided by Honeybaked Hams in Lansing, Michigan along with full food spread. On an average we serve 100 people.


Christmas Shoe Box Project

To those who call the streets home the holidays can be the hardest. The Christmas Shoe Box Project brings the community together to give our friends a present filled with love and gifts they could use. These boxes are distributed in Lansing,MI and in Detroit,MI on Christmas Day

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