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Our History

Footprints of Michigan, was established in 2014 after attending a street walk with a local organization in Lansing, Michigan. I noticed a young homeless man in desperate need of shoes; his duct-taped soles were worn and tattered. A street walk participant contacted her husband and he promptly delivered a size 13, gently used, pair of shoes. The young man's face lit up as he threw his old, worn pair of shoes in curbside trash can and it filled my heart with hope and joy.... and so, the idea began.

Inspiration behind the name was inspired by my late parents, Geronimo Jr. and Maria C. Lerma. My father was a double leg amputee due to diabetes and always told me, "Mijo (son), always take care of your feet because they will help make your journey a little smoother." One day caring for my mother, I noticed the kitchen curtains had an imprint of The Footprints in the Sand poem.

A light bulb went off in my mind and the name Footprints of Michigan was born.

The unique design created by talented friend Brandyn Armstrong of B Unique Designz assisted in creating the Footprints of Michigan logo, which perfectly represents our cause to assist individuals in Michigan with new and gently used footwear.

-Geronimo Lerma III   Founder


In Memory of Geronimo Jr. & Maria C. Lerma

The House

Some pictures are poor quality, but were posted to show the first footprints.

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